Kamyk Camouflage

The Protected Landscape Area (PLA) is a very important natural heritage place in Czech Republic. It must be protected and there must be specific regulations. This critical proposal towards the policy of the PLA building regulations was awarded by a special prize of the PLA.


   Building in PLA is regulated. The regulations are made to fit the cheapest catalog urban sprawl houses, originally to “ keep the character of landscape”. But different looking houses can not be approved- for example flat roof, big windows, non rectangular plan…


The site today


   First the borders of the village must be set down- where it ends and where the PLA begins. Inside the village are used the regulations existing today. But in the landscape must not be buildings that disturb. The suggested urbanism copies the traditional, late gothic land dividing. Every 2-3 plots are separated with a small passage with trees, to let the people access to the fields below. These passages are typical in the PLA. The new built houses are positioned as close it can be to the road. It creates better accessibility, shorter plumbing and traditional placing of buildings.


The borders must be set                                    New village urbanism                                            Camouflage houses


   The satelite view of planned buildings                                                           The new urban plan of the village with houses


   Veiw from far away of the future urban “plan”                                             The new urban proposal is not affecting the landscape at all




   The concept is “not to be seen”, not to affect the sight. Size of the house is 20 x 10 x 5 meters. The cuboid is half-buried into the terrain and it follows the orientation of the hillside to the south. The main facade- partly visible- is facing the south, to the far away view point hill side. The facade opens the house to this direction by huge windows. Construction is a combination of concrete slabs and brick walls. The roof is flat with plants and a hydroponic net covering (hiding) the house. This building reflects the terrain inside. The rooms have different heights and it creates a kind of „Mini Raum Plan“. Behind the house is a covered (by plants) parking area with a small courtyard. The facade of the building to the road is fence like wall with gaps.

View from far away



 The house plan and the section





The inner dispositions are determined by the orientation of the house. Living spaces are on the southern part, the northern is without windows and its half-buried. The light is brought in by huge skylights. The living room is connected to the kitchen, which has a higher floor and lower height. The bed rooms are high. For sleeping are made special bed-floors- with that the space of the room can have a better usage. Every room has its own color. The walls are covered with cement plaster- the neutral gray with a structure gives an accent to the sights from the rooms. The outer landscape becomes a painting, a part of the house and the aesthetics.

 The “Mini Raum Plan”


 This critical proposal about the policy of the PLA building regulations was awarded by a special prize of the PLA.
Kamyk Camouflage
Kamýk, CZ
Workshop and competition
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