Gothic Gas Station


The gas station on a very specific site: it´s hidden in the Prague city center. It is placed behind the central bus station Florenc, squeezed between old houses and giant railway bridges. This problematic place has already been used today as a gas station. The attendants had been robbed several times there. The station has an enormous number of cars per day (10-15 cars/ in 10 min. with only 4 pumps). Two tanker trucks a day (2x 50 000 l) with gasoline and diesel are sold there. Working hours are from 6 am to 22 pm.

The first idea was a literal copy of Gothic ornamentation


Gothic architecture is important for this project in two aspects: 1) the construction, and 2) modularity. The Gothic construction is basically made from a“column”(or carrying part) and“infill”(or filling walls). This construction method is very modern and it is used on gas stations today. The modularity advantage is cheap construction. One cast can be made (first idea from concrete) and copied with mass production.


The construction module is column, ogive, glass and mesh


After a number of consultations with architects, historians and theoretic, the literal building was abstracted. The station copies typical Gothic church plan and orientation. The building is a metaphor. The nave is for energy consumption and the altar is the cash desk. The gas station is made out of one module, that is copied. Steel columns which transform into steel ogive create the gas sacral space. The roof is covered by glass and mesh creating protection from weather and shade with the highest possible level of natural illumination. The small transparent triangle shop is in the “head”and visually controls the whole area. Working hours are 24/7 with day attendants and night credit card self service.

Gothic Gas Station
Florenc, Prague, CZ
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